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I have written to support umpteen times but they just reply nonsense.

Please include a good refund address so we can get it back to you quickly.

Is there a complete idiots guide to buying maidsafecoin

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It is possible your order failed, which can happen from time to time, or that is was successful, and our team would be happy to look into this for you: Rohit Ghali May 4, 2017 Never had any issues till now.Do note however that if you want to send out SJCX coins from your web-based wallet there will be a fee of 0.

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Lost bitcoins since the transaction was not completed by shapeshift although I had transferred the bitcoins to the deposit address.There is no account needed - making it much faster and more secure than traditional services.

Changelly and Shapeshift are both like Western Union for thosevwho does not know how to send money.

Choose from over 80 cryptocurrencies and seize every profit-making opportunity.Dash can be obtained from exchanges such as Poloniex, Bittrex and Shapeshift‘s service...Sorry to hear you feel we did not answer your issue- what is the ticket number and we can take a look.You failed to deliver the service and you r charging customer for it.No acceptable.Please submit a ticket to our team here: Please watch our demo video for an app walkthrough: -The ShapeShift Team Read more My review Review from Reviews 4.0 534 total 5 335 4 58 3 27 2 22 1 92 Helpfulness Newest Rating Helpfulness Garson Lilley So far my only deposit has not shown up in my wallet, I have sent multiple request for assistance over two days by email.

OpenBazaar Integrates ShapeShift, Allowing Payment with Any. create shops and sell goods without fees,.Full Review August 2, 2017 The last few days have been unique with the BTC fork.User reviews Garson Lilley August 26, 2017 So far my only deposit has not shown up in my wallet, I have sent multiple request for assistance over two days by email.If you feel like you received the customer support you needed, would you consider adjusting your review of our system.Please open a ticket to get it taken care of: David Jeantine June 3, 2017 This app is terrible.

You can also provide a refund address for auto returns if you have a failed exchange. Thanks.Poloniex is one of the most diverse crypto exchange platforms in this world.

Jaxx Shapeshift Integration Sneak Peak Ethereum to Bitcoin Jaxx.Awesome support service also. 5 stars all the way Full Review March 6, 2017 Oh, that is so wonderful to hear.

How does ShapeShift operate on 0-1 confirmations. But the fee you see when you purchase is what you see is.We are dedicated to returning user funds as quickly as possible.I emailed shape shift about it and got no response other than automated return email.Shapeshift Ethereum Splitter Makes Splitting ETH and ETC a Cakewalk. or use the wallet provided by exchanges like Poloniex. Shapeshift Ethereum Splitter Fees.Support is only available in a limited timeframe which makes it horrible for timing.Fees are added to the amount entered to arrive at the total for the order.We are humans- working to get through all the support requests.Altcoin Wisdom. JSON API. Shapeshift Ethereum Dash, ethdash Poloniex Bitshares, btsbtc Poloniex Ethereum, ethbtc Poloniex Monero, xmrbtc Poloniex Counterparty, xcpbtc.Mostafa Mohamed June 10, 2017 I would give it 5 star but you need to add more coin to exchange like stratis and verge.

I usually trade altcoins at yobit and I think their fees are affordable and they have too many pairs of altcoins to invest.Value of Altcoins: Money and Tokens Reloaded. (data from ShapeShift instant.Hello, I need some one to create and design an algorithm for trading in Poloniex and Bittrex.Please refer to our Youtube video and customer support submission links at the bottom of this description.