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The deep Web is the hidden part of the Web, containing a huge volume of content that is inaccessible to conventional search engines,.Psychology Definition of URBAN BEHAVIOR: the actions of individuals residing in cities, who seem to be less attentive to the needs of strangers, and will not make as.If you want an ID you can get it by paying via Western Union or Bitcoin.

We wanted to understand what matters in a definition, what helps it get accepted.

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It is a wiki in some ways, in that you can add entries yourself.More than 5 million street lingo words and expressions have been defined by the Internet community.For every point of nasty, a submission is 0.80 times as likely to get published.

Synonyms for bum at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions.Using these data, we ran a logistic regression using each descriptor and definition length as predictors and whether the definition was accepted or not as the dependent variable.Urban Dictionary may have originally. (the jury is out on whether this term is cool or.

Find out how to abbreviate Urban Dictionary and its usage within other.Define urban renewal: a construction program to replace or restore substandard buildings in an urban area — urban renewal in a sentence.

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Definition of Urban Dictionary in the dictionary.For every point of funny, a submission is 1.68 times more likely to be published.

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To do this, we started by asking users to just describe a list of eight random submissions.Same monstermaster13 reblogged this from urbandictionary and added.We also recorded the length of the definition as a possible explanation for why a word got published.Related Questions How does Urban Dictionary choose its word of the day.Urban definition, of, relating to, or designating a city or town. See more.

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The Urban Dictionary is literally an Internet slang dictionary, which can be accessed by anyone online.

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Math explained in easy language, plus puzzles, games, quizzes, worksheets and a forum.

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By continuing, you indicate that you have read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.Commonly used term on the east coast,. bodega. Top Definition. Bodega. and solidifying their The Urban Dictionary Mug.A local convenience store,.

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Use the adjective urban to refer to cities or people who live in cities.We continued to group things together until we ended up with eight categories. funny.The Urban Dictionary name definitions game is simple: You surf over to, type in your first name,.

The prepper urban dictionary is a list of prepper words to help you learn.

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How much time does it take Urban Dictionary to review submissions.For everything else, there is the Urban Dictionary and its treasure.

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Bitcoin Definition - Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency made up of processed data blocks used for online and brick-and-mortar purchases. Because.Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word.